Age Limit For Using A Toddler Bed [5 Tips to Decide Easily]

What is the age limit for using a toddler bed?

It’s no surprise that our little ones quickly grow out of their crib and want a replacement of their sleeping place. While most parents directly make the transition to a twin bed, the ideal approach is to go for a toddler bed. After all, the safety and comfort of the baby is the utmost priority of every parent. So? What is the age limit for using a toddler bed?

What is the age limit for using a toddler bed

What is the age limit for using a toddler bed?

What’s the use of a toddler bed?

Imagine that your child has been sleeping in his crib for almost one or two years. If you make him switch to a twin bed overnight, he would just feel unfamiliar to his surroundings and may experience sleep disturbances. This is where the role of a toddler bed kicks in. A toddler bed can be considered as a mini twin bed with safety features of a crib and yet the freedom of a bed. This piece of furniture would just serve to make the transition a smooth process and help your child sleep soundly.

Determining the age limit for a toddler bed

Now to answer you on what is the age limit for using a toddler bed? Well, there is a wide variation between the growth potential of every kid and transition from crib to a toddler bed also takes into account other factors like feasibility of the parents and availability of space in the apartment. There are no strict guidelines as to when’s the best time to start using a toddler bed but Consumer Product Safety Commission has forwarded a recommendation which states that the child should be at least fifteen months of age before he starts using a toddler bed. A crib would be a suitable option for kids younger than this age.

Similarly, it’s important to understand that your child will ultimately grow out of the toddler bed as well. Once he hits the fifty pounds milestone, it is better to shift him from a toddler bed to a single or twin bed. This approach is necessary to allow your baby to stretch in sleep and have some extra room for turning around. All in all, it’s pretty evident that a toddler bed is suitable only for kids between fifteen months to six years of age.

How to decide if it’s time for a transition?

You’ve got to keep a constant check to see when’s the perfect time to buy your little one grown-up furniture for his room. Your kid might never share this concern with you for two good reasons. Firstly, kids are quite oblivious to the fact that they’re running out of room in their toddler bed. Secondly, they develop fierce devotion to all the stuff that they’ve been using hence they would never come up with the idea of making the transition to a bigger bed. Since toddler beds are nearly of the same dimension as a crib, your kid will eventually need a bigger sleeping space to stay comfortable. A few pointers can help you decide that it’s time to make the change.

What is the age limit for using a toddler bed

What is the age limit for using a toddler bed?

  1. Height:

The mattresses that most toddler beds use are only 52 inches in length which is the average height of a seven year old kid. According to the height limitations posed by the company that manufactures such furniture. It won’t be safe to let your kid sleep on the same bed once he’s past this age limit. Besides, who would like sleeping with his legs hanging over the edge of the mattress? Even if your kids is shorter than average, the narrowness of the mattress would eventually push your child out of the bed if he’s rolling in sleep.

  1. Weight:

As already mentioned, a toddler bed can hold weight up to fifty pounds. Which converts to around seven years of age for an average child. Your kid’s weight can vary and thus it’s your duty to keep an eye else you’d just be experiencing your kid collapsing the bed in the middle of the night. That won’t be a pretty situation hence you must take action before it actually happens.

  1. Age:

Any child in the preschool age group falls under the category of a toddler. Hence if your kid is under five years of age, he’s all set to use a toddler bed. However, once he’s past that stage, it’s your responsibility to get him a big-boy bed.

  1. Movements:

Make sure that your toddler has enough room to stretch out and roll in sleep. If on any point you feel that it’s not happening, you should think of buying a bigger bed for your toddler. This is necessary to help maintain his comfort level and prevent interruption in sleep.

  1. Personal wish:

Very rarely, your child may come up to you and make the wish of a new bed. Though this is very unlikely because kids are too attached to their belongings, it’s quite possible. Make sure you’re there to listen to your child’s needs and make the transition as soon as possible.

The ups and downs of a transition

The shift from a cozy toddler bed to a huge twin bed is never easy for the child. He might take some time to adjust without safety rails. Also, there might be nights where he’ll end up on the floor while rolling in sleep. To combat this issue, the best way is to buy low-set beds so that your child is not injured during inadvertent falls. It is the worst idea to use bunk beds during the transition process. Because he may end up getting severely injured if ever fallen down. If you’re often travelling, then read our guide on the Best Travel Beds for Toddlers 2018

The final word on the matter

Transition of your kid’s sleeping place is challenging both for the parents as well as the kid. However, steps can always be taken to comfort your child during this phase. Also, help him adjust better in his new environment. Quite often, your kid might not be happy about the change. But it’s important to realize that your child’s safety is essential and being in a toddler bed beyond the recommended time poses threats to that safety.

What is the age limit for using a toddler bed

What is the age limit for using a toddler bed?


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