Best Bassinet 2018 – Best Baby Bassinets Reviews & Price Comparison

Best Bassinet 2018 – A Complete Guide

best bassinet

When the first baby is born, parents usually get worried about the nursing sessions and keeping an eye on their beloved infant. Initially, parents decide to keep their newborn in cribs, but the best bassinet can be more useful and can make the midnight-nursing process unbelievably simpler.








Here Is Why?

Bassinets are the sleeping place for the newborn and designed to provide them safety and convenience to the parents. They are smaller than a crib, portable and can easily be placed near the bed. 

Typically, cribs are considered safer for younger infants (more than 24 inches) because of stronger pillars, nontoxic material, and long-lasting usability.

However, for one-month babies bassinet is the perfect option because of its workability. We reviewed some of the best bassinet for the upcoming year and find out that there are a number of bassinets which aims to deliver greater benefits by providing relatively light-weighted baby-equipment, with adjustable height and breathable material. We also reviewed Best Cribs 2018 so make sure you read that guide before purchasing cribs online.


Why do you need to buy the Bassinet?

best bassinet


We won’t say that Bassinet is the must-have thing for your baby but this equipment can provide the maximum help to the mother as well as the infant until they are able to move around or jump up the things.



  1. Makes Middle-night Nursing Easier

As compared to the crib, the best bassinet can make the middle-night nursing. Moms can easily check on their baby without leaving their bed. The bassinet is the best alternative for the new moms who are still recovering from the delivery effects and are unable to properly move.

  1. Comes with Adjustable Height

Most of the bassinets come with the facility of adjustable height which allows you to position the bassinet along with your bed. Additionally, if you are going for lunches or taking your a few months older to parties then, the adjustable bassinet can help you in handling your infant as well as enjoying the parties.

  1. New Born Sleep a lot!

The medical research states that from birth to 3 months, a child tends to sleep for a maximum 16-17 hours which is typically the 70% of the time. As infants sleep a lot, therefore, it is a good decision to go for the equipment which can make the sleeping easier for your newborn.

Best Bassinet 2018

We thoroughly researched some of the best bassinets in the market and become successful in forming a list which can help in selecting the best bassinet for your baby.

But before we move on, here is the snapshot.

Bassinet Name

Important Features


  1. BABYBJORN Cradle – White
  • JPMA certified product.
  • Transparent mesh breathable fabric.
  • Low height with rocking gentle movement.
  1. Green Frog Bassinet/Cradle
  • Transparent mesh with window.
  • Highly comfortable mattress.
  • Easy to assemble.
  1. HALO Bassinets Swivel Sleeper
  • Rotates to 360-degrees.
  • Allows the wall locking.
  • Height adjustment
  • Storage facility.
  1. Chicco LullaGo Deluxe Bassinet

  • Lightweight
  • For traveling purposes.
  • Two-tier design.
  • Removable mattress.
  1. Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee

  • Designed to provide better ventilation.
  • Storage capacity.
  • Co-sleeper with adjustable height.
  1. SNOO Smart Sleeper By Happiest Baby
  • Mesh consists of 100% cotton.
  • Motorized system.
  • High on Safety
  1. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

  • Convertible bassinet into a changing table.
  • Storage capacity
  • Consists of locking wheels.
  • Vibrations
  1. Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet with Motion

  • Motorized System.
  • Music facility
  • Easy to assemble
  1. Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-sleeper Basinet
  • Provides the option of better nursing.
  • Lock wheels for easy movement
  • Storage Bin
  1. Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

  • Lighting and music facility
  • Higher portability
  • Certified equipment with better storage.

Let’s Dig In!

  1. BABYBJORN Cradle – White

best bassinet



According to the original reviews, BabyBjorn is the best bassinet because of its compact design which helps in increasing the portability. The gentle rocking movement functions allow the mothers to keep moving their child with the help of spring suspension function.

Some of the incredible features of BabyBjorn bassinet are as follows:

  • Sleek Design

The sleek design of BabyBjorn bassinet makes this equipment the highest rated one. The portability of the smaller bassinet makes it super easier for parents to carry their 6 or lesser months old baby anywhere in the bassinet without getting worried about their activities.

  • Lightweight Suspension

Lightweight suspension with movement facility of BabyBjorn makes this bassinet the most favorable one. The Babybjorn bassinet is known for its natural features which are designed to promote the natural-ease for parents and infant.

The lightweight suspension facility allows the mesh to rock itself while the baby moves or parents can also move it with little efforts.

Additionally, the mesh of BabyBjorn is not adjustable in height, but it fits well to the right side of a normal adult bed.

  • Breathable Mesh Side with Washable Material

BabyBjorn Bassinet consists of the breathable mesh fabric which promotes the easy infant breathing. The mesh sides also allow the parents and child to look through with the help of transparent material which can easily be removed and washed for reducing the chances of bacteria.

  • Comfortable Mattress

When it comes to the mattress and the internal surrounding of a bassinet then, BabyBjorn has become successful in winning the customer’s heart. The inner surrounding of the bassinet is also made of fabric to avoid the chances of baby bump or head damage.


  • JPMA Certified bassinet with the tested material.
  • Secure equipment for better supervision
  • Lightweight and the Comfortable outlook for baby’s ease



  • Lack co-sleeper operation.
  • Lack of fancy items like vibrations, musical system, storage
  • Bit pricey basic material bassinet
  • Customer claims indicate that mattress material consists of toxic MDF.

  1. Green Frog Bassinet/Cradle

best bassinet


Another top-rated best bassinet on our list is labeled as Green frog bassinet cradle with the advanced yet natural process. This bassinet by Green Frog is famous for its safest mattress which allows the hurdle-free movement of a child with gentle rocking.

Green Frog premium bassinet in grey color can easily be grabbed for $249 with following features.

  • Soothing Material for Better Sleep

The premium and excessively soft material of the bassinet is designed to promote the soothing infant sleep just in few minutes. The mattress of Green Frog bassinet is designed to provide the support to child’s back and neck while they are asleep.

  • Portable Equipment with Modern Design

Green Frog basinet is famous for its probability feature which allows the parents to transport, adjust and assemble the equipment within with minutes. Additionally, the modern design helps the bassinet to get merged with your home setting quickly.

  • Proper Ventilation System

Proper airflow and ventilation are highly crucial for baby’s life and the transparent system of Green Frog with window mesh allows the child and parent to see through each other activities. The material of the bassinet discourages the inhaling of environmental dirt thus providing high safety to the infant.

  • Washable Material

Green Frog bassinet is the right option those parents who are worried about the detaching of mesh and its washing. Green Frog empowers the parents to easily remove/assemble the mesh and attach it back to the provided aluminum frame.


  • Compact, beautiful and portable bassinet for newborns.
  • The gentle rocking system allows the easy movement
  • Transparent and mesh window outlook allows the proper ventilation
  • Can be assembled easily.


  • Lack of fancy accessories such as motorized movement, storage, and music facility.
  • Customer claims indicate that the paint of bassinet tends to go away with passing time.

  1. HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

best bassinet



The HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet is indeed the best choice for those people who are looking for an all-rounder bassinet with advanced functions. It is famous for the highly secure products which aim to ease the post-pregnancy procedure easier for mothers by reducing the movement of mothers significantly.

HALO Bassinest is designed to provide maximum safety and convenience to both the mothers and infants.

HALO Bassinest has four styles which are divided based on the product workability. Though the basic bassinet doesn’t have the fancy accessories such as womb sound, vibration, timer or music facility, however, if you are interested in these facilities then, you can opt for the bit pricey premium version.

  • Sidewall Lowering Facility

The side wall lowering facility is the must-have feature for those mothers who have gone through the process of C-section. The side wall system allows the mothers to place their infant at the equal level to their bed, sofa or couch without leaving their seats. This feature is further augmented by the adjusting feature, which is compatible with all the bed sizes.

  • 360-Degree Rotation and Swivel

The stands of the HALO Bassinest Bassinet is designed to keep the infant near to the parents. 360 rotation helps in easy movement of the stands. It is true that other bassinets also comes with the facility of movement, but that equipment also increases the chance of head damage due to the continuous movement in the same direction.

HALO has recognized the problem and introduced the bassinet which can protect the child head against any sort of damage.

  • Ventilating Sides

During our review test, ventilating and airflow sided of the HALO basic Bassinest scored the highest. The fabric placed on the bassinet sides is made up of transparent toxic-free material which promotes the hassle-free sleep in few minutes.

Additionally, through the sides, mothers can easily see the activities of their child without any difficulty.


  • Best for mothers who have gone through the process of C-section.
  • CJ Certified for product safety.
  • Storage pockets for helping the mothers to store the baby feeders.
  • Also comes with fitted sheets for making the bassinet suitable for infants
  • Promotes the bed-sharing


  • Relatively thin mattress as compared to other bassinets
  • The absence of music, timer or natural womb sound.

  1. Chicco LullaGo Deluxe Bassinet

best bassinet



Chicco LullaGo Bassinet is another stellar baby equipment with simple yet useful workability and better safety option. This bassinet is known for its traveling feature which allows the parents to fold bassinet stands and put it in their bag for easy carrying.

Though this bassinet failed to score highest in terms of look or fancy accessories, however, when it comes to safety, convenience and price then, Chicco LullaGo bassinet actually become successful in winning our hearts.

  • Travelling-friendly

The lightweight feature with side bag facility which could easily be placed on the shoulder is introduced for those parents who travel a lot. Relatively it’s hard to carry the crib or undetectable bassinet because of assembling difficulties and storage purposes.

Additionally, the height adjustment feature allows the mothers to keep their babies closer to them during the first months without putting too much pressure on their back.

  • Super-easy to Assemble

Two-tier design of Chicco LullaGo bassinet empowers the parents to easily transport, carry and move the bassinet without getting worried about the placement and assembling. We are super impressed by the folding of tier feature which can be performed in the matter of few minutes.

However, when it comes to the mattress and its quality then, Chicco LullaGo failed to score more than BabyBjorn mattress quality because of the thinner sheets, and chances of a bump due to lighter material.

  • Allows the Machine Washing of Basinet

Having the best bassinet which could easily be washed in a washing machine is surely a greater thing. The fabric of Chicco LullaGo consists of the non-toxic material with swing facility which allows the parents to keep their baby busy.

Chicco LullaGo bassinet also comes with two windows on both sides of the mesh so that parents could easily see their infant.


  • Easy to clean and wipe: Consists of washable material
  • Consists of travel bag for carrying extra items
  • High-quality fabric with air ventilation system
  • Easy to assemble: Legs and basket can easily be folded.
  • Comes with a canopy to protect infants from any harmful material. Also consists of the option of removable toys.


  • Extra unwanted swing leading to head bump
  • Lesser in looks as compared to another bassinet from the similar category and the price range
  • A little thinner mattress for the infants
  • Improper working on an anti-slip system on hardwood flooring

  1. Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee

best bassinet



Sharing bed with the newborn is the dream of every mother, but lack of safety and chances of SIDS doesn’t allow the mothers to do so. Arm’s reach mini Ezee is surely introduced to reduce the tension of mother by making a proposal about the basic yet safer co-sleeper.

  • Promotes Better Breathing Option

Safety and breathing are the two most crucial factors which can surely not neglected. Arm’s Reach bassinets are designed just to provide high-level security to infants backed by incredible adjustment options so that child can stay near to the mother. The mesh of this bassinet consists of the pure transparent, non-toxic and cleanable material which aims to make the growing process easier for children as well as the parents

  • Comes with the Attachment Straps for Easy Bed Holding

The Arm’s reach Bassinet makes the attachment of co-sleeper along with the bed super easier. It comes with the straps and attaching plates which can easily be attached to the bedside for placing the child near to the mom’s

Additionally, the mothers who are suffering from the delivery after effects can easily feed and hold their infants without excessively leaning down. Now if we talk about the mattress quality of this bassinet then, it’s just perfect. The mattress consists of the right blend of thick foam with soft outer for protecting the child’s back and neck.

  • Comes with Storage option

Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee bassinet also has the storage option which allows the parents to store infant’s toys, clothes, feeders, and entertainment box inside the safe mesh.


  • Provides the facility of Co-sleeper with easy adjustment.
  • Can help mothers who have gone through C-section.
  • Provides the easy feeding facility with lower co-sleeper


  • It’s hard to assemble the bassinet together for carrying purposes due to multiple wrecks.

  1. SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby

best bassinet



Acquiring a high-end bassinet means that you are supposed to pay extra for maintenance purposes. However, when it comes to equipment’s like SNOO then, it’s all about ease and happy sleep for both the parents as well as the child.

SNOO bassinet consists of the automated features which allow the babies to sleep properly while getting the similar womb like treatment.

  • Provides the Natural Rocking and Shushing

Natural rocking and shushing process of the SNOO helps the child in perceiving the fact that they are still in the mother’s womb. The womb-like treatment helps in calming down the crying babies and promoting the all-night sound sleep while reducing the risk of exhaustion or improper breathing space.

When it comes to shushing then, customers reviews helped us in stating that the shushing noise in some of the best bassinet sound like the grinding thus influencing the child’s sleeping patterns.

  • Automatic System Allows you to Handle Bassinet through Application

If it’s impossible to check your baby while they are happily asleep in their bassinet then, you can easily take help from the application system of the SNOO. The application system helps the parents in adjusting the bassinet setting according to their needs and watching their child’s activities without leaving their comfy bed.

  • Aims to Secure the Baby against Hip Heating

Most of the people believe that automatic system is all about the internal heating and risking the child’s life. However, the SNOO hip heating facility totally nullify the statement. Its heat-protecting facility aims to protect the child against the heating, development of pre-functioned noises for sleeping and improper rays activity.


  • Avoid the exhaustion with the help of cotton material.
  • The automatic movement promotes the health and sound sleep.
  • Produces the womb-like sound for calming the baby
  • Incredible swaddle workability for keeping the babies safe.


  • Grinding noise associated with the motor.
  • Improper soothing sound causes the sleeping problems.

  1. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

best bassinet



If you are looking for a multi-purpose bassinet which could also become your changing table then, you should go for Graco Dream Suite Bassinet. This bassinet is an all-rounder with unique and highly convenient features.

  • Push System for Converting Bassinet

We are totally allured by the 2-in-1 facility of Graco Dream Suite which allows the parents to flip the bassinet into the changing table just with the one push. The converted table is designed for the changing diaper purposes. Additionally, the firm mattress of this bassinet aims to provide higher security to child’s back.

Usually, parents tend to use the normal bassinet for changing a diaper, which is indeed a mess, but with Graco, you can easily change your baby’s diaper without any worries.

  • Comes with Extra Storage

The extra storage facility helps the parents in storing the unneeded item under the changing diaper thus leading to zero mess around.

  • Vibration and Music System for Soothing

The automatic vibration and music system of this bassinet is the tension revealing feature for the parents because it allows the child to sleep calmly in their sleep bed. Additionally, the lock wheel feature of this equipment helps in achieving the higher crawl security while moving.


  • Multi-purpose bassinet which could easily be transformed into table
  • Longer-life, up to 20 months.
  • Soft material with the sturdy outlook and higher mobility.
  • Trendy bassinet with advanced features


  • Hard to assemble on the one go

  1. Summer Infant Bentwood Bassinet with Motion

best bassinet



If you are looking for the best bassinet which is greater in workability, and lesser in look then, your decision should be in the favor of Summer Infant bassinet. This bassinet consists of the unique bending wood design which makes the standing of the equipment stable.

Although this bassinet becomes successful in satisfying our reviewers, however, it’s shorter size caused the problems for children with the larger size. This equipment is suitable for babies under 15 pounds.

  • Adjustable Height Feature

This bassinet is the unique equipment which consists of the adjustable height feature that allows the mothers to keep their babies near them. Though this feature isn’t backed by a lot of security just like handles or straps for better adjustment. However, we still think that this feature is proficient enough to provide right security to your kid.

  • Consists of Traditional Music with Soothing Facility

 Music plays an important role in putting the child to sleep and the rocking motion works as the cherry on the top. The traditional music with a rocking motion (adjustable speed) helps the parents in calming down the baby without creating the unwanted grinding noise.



  • Rocking motion with adjustable speed
  • Canopy with lower storage facility
  • Compact design with better workability
  • Music and vibration system for soothing


  • Relatively smaller, unable to adjust the babies of larger size
  • Shorter Life Span: Batteries tend to vanish quickly
  • Lack of drop-side feature for better height adjustment

  1. Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria Co-sleeper Basinet

best bassinet



Arm’s Reach Concepts Cambria is the better and advanced version of Arm’s Reach Mini Ezee and consists of some of the unique features which are designed to provide ease to parents and children while they asleep.

  • Better Nursing

The basic purpose of launching this bassinet was to promote the better nursing so that mothers can keep a check on their newborn during the recovery phase.

  • Highly Portable with Lock Wheels

The lock wheels with the downside storage make this bassinet ideal for their child. The lock wheels promote the higher safety while the wheeling function allows the parents to take their baby with them without any difficulty.


  • Co-sleeper with better sleeping facilities
  • Properly adjusts with the larger beds
  • Promotes better exhaustion for the newborns


  • Firm surface causes the sleeping trouble for newborn
  • Bit pricey as compared to similar product in the category

  1. Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet

best bassinet



We have placed Delta Sweet Bassinet at the end of our review list because of its basic features which actually aims to deliver the best results. Delta Sweet Bassinet is the decent looking equipment which is designed to promote the better sleeping habits with the help of quilt liner which is placed inside the bassinet.

  • Adjustable Canopy for better Protection

The adjustable canopy for the Delta Sweet Bassinet not only adds to the cute looks of the equipment, however, it helps in protecting the child’s head from the sun. Additionally, you can easily use the hanging materials such as toys for making this bassinet more useful.

  • Breathing Option

This bassinet is made up of breathable, and non-toxic material which helps the children to breathe easily. The soft and relatively comfortable mattress aims to protect the child head against any sort of bumps or hits while moving.


  • Unique and modern bassinet at a relatively lower price.
  • Consists of the soothing music which helps in putting the baby to sleep.


  • Lack of co-sleeper operation.
  • Thin mattress for the newborn

Bottom Line:

 The best bassinet is indeed the one which can provide maximum sleeping ease to your newborn. No matter which bassinet you decide to go for always remember that your first priority should be the safety and convenience rather than the looks and price.

Let us know that which best basinet matches your criteria and is capable of being the sleeping partner of your beloved infant? Share your thoughts by leaving your comments below.

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