How to Take Care of a Newborn Baby? [Learn About Newborn Baby Care]

How to Care for a Newborn Baby?

Pregnancy is definitely the most challenging time of any parents’ life but parenthood is not a piece of cake either. After going through restless nights for nine months, bearing the pain of labor and finally delivering a child, a lot more awaits you on the road to parenthood. Now starts a completely new journey of how to care for a newborn baby? handling your baby in the best way possible and providing him everything to perfection.

It’s quite overwhelming for first-time parents to make sure that everything is taken care of and nothing stands in the way of their baby’s comfort. Right from the start of labor to the end of your infant’s first month, here is a complete set of instructions that might help you on how to care for a newborn baby in the right way.
How to Care for a Newborn Baby

How to Care for a Newborn Baby

Consult The Experts:

Right after delivery while you’re in the recovery room, try getting hold of some nurse or a specialist doctor who could help answer your basic queries about motherhood. A nurse might as well teach you how to hold the baby properly, the best position for breastfeeding and ways to change the diaper. A lactation consultant could give you feeding advice while your obstetrician will help you cope up with postpartum depression. Besides experts, you can always ask other experienced mothers for tips and tricks on handling the baby.


Learn to Handle a Newborn:

How to Care for a Newborn Baby

It might be quite intimidating for first-time parents to hold their newborn considering his fragility. An experienced relative or a nurse might be quite helpful at this stage. Since newborns are quite susceptible to infections, always make sure that you wash your hands before handling them. Always keep one hand on baby’s head to support it and one on the buttocks when you want to lay him down. It’s absolutely contraindicated to shake your baby for any reason whatsoever.

This might lead to rupturing of intracranial vessels and ultimately death. The best way to wake your baby from sleep is to lightly tickle his feet because babies are quite responsive to sensory stimuli. Avoid any activity that is too rough – for instance, bouncing baby in the air or driving on a bumpy road. Above all, your baby should always be fastened securely in his baby seat or carrier when traveling around. 


Bonding with the Baby:

Parent-child bonding is an absolutely phenomenal thing. Rightly put, it might be called the most pleasurable part of parenthood. It is an observed fact that physical closeness promotes bonding between the parents and the baby. This is why all mothers are advised to breastfeed their little ones during the initial months of life. Co-sleeping also helps promote bonding but that should only be done in a co-sleeper. A baby should never sleep in the same bed as the parents. Close bonding with the parents is quite essential for the mental and emotional well being of an infant. It helps them develop cognition, grow well physically and feel secured. The best way to do so is by holding the baby close to you whenever you get time, preferable while sleeping and cradling.

Soothing the Baby:

Babies can become quite cranky when they’re hungry or in pain. Parents should always learn about different technique to soothe their baby. Infant massage is one way to offer relaxation and comfort to the newborn. Babies are quite fragile hence you should massage them gently on different areas of the body. This helps relieve pain and also enhances growth and development by increasing blood circulation. Babies are quite receptive to sensory stimuli so you can try singing to them or rocking them back and forth in a stroller to promote sleep. Swaddling is another way to calm the baby and it also helps him stay warm. Thus you may want to try different approaches to comfort your crying infant. 


It might come off as a surprise but newborns can wet the diapers about ten times a day. Your best bet would be to use disposable diapers. This would shorten the time of diaper changing and also provide hygiene to the baby. Always keep a pack of wet towels and a soothing cream in the diaper bag. When changing the diaper, make sure that the baby is lying on a flat, sturdy surface. Clean his genitals to prevent infections and apply ointment in case your baby has rashes. Once you finish, never forget to wash your hands with an antibacterial hand wash.


How to Care for a Newborn Baby

A newborn should be bathed around three times a week.

Excessive bathing can dry out the skin and delay healing of the umbilical cord. It is advisable to sponge bath a baby if his circumcision and navel scar is still healing. You can start bathing him in a tub after a month’s time when it’s healed completely. For the sponge bath, you simply need to dip a sterile cloth in warm water and clean the body parts one by one. Tub baths should be given very carefully and special attention must be given to baby handling.  Try using soaps and shampoos that are gentle on the baby skin and fragrance-free.

Feeding and Burping:How to Care for a Newborn Baby

The first and foremost rule is to feed the infant on demand. You would get the idea that your baby is hungry if he wakes up from sleep and cries, sucks your finger desperately or makes sucking noises. Exclusive breastfeeding for six months is an ideal approach. Burping is a mandatory practice after feeding to prevent air swallowing between episodes of feeding.


A newborn spends seventeen hours in sleep which makes it necessary for parents to take extra care of their comfort in sleep. The baby should be fed every three to four hours of sleep so that he doesn’t wake up hungry and irritated. He should always be laid on his back to prevent the incidence of SIDS. The bassinet of the baby should be cozy and comfortable to promote a sound slumber. 


How to care for a newborn baby is never an easy process. No matter how many books on the baby care you’ve read, it’s the process of trial and error that will make you learn the most. After all, parenthood is a blessing and everyone enjoys it in different ways.

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