How To Get Baby To Sleep In A Bassinet? [Guide for First-Time Parents]

How to get baby to sleep in a bassinet?

Bassinet is the sole sleeping place of a newborn baby not only because it’s warm and cozy but parents find it more convenient to handle and transfer from one room to another. While many parents can’t resist their temptation to sleep with their baby in one bed, it is absolutely contraindicated by the pediatric authorities. For this reason, a crib or bassinet must be used for an infant. But the problem is how to get baby to sleep in a bassinet?

How to get baby to sleep in a bassinet

How to get baby to sleep in a bassinet?

As the baby has lived inside the womb for nine long months, it is no surprise that he’s used to warmth and coziness. It is essential that his sleeping place after birth provides him the same level of comfort to ensure a sound slumber. Technically speaking, a bassinet is the closest option to fulfill this function. However, many babies in their initial days of life find it too irritating to sleep in a bassinet. They get cranky and hostile, thus resisting all your efforts to make nighttime sleep a peaceful process. This is why we’ve compiled all the factors that answer how to get baby to sleep in a bassinet so that you can later look after to help your baby accept his bassinet quickly.

Step 1: Alter the lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle is the first thing that should be implemented in order to help your baby sleep better. There are certain ways you can adopt to get started.

  1. Developing a routine:

 Make your infant go to bed at the same time every day. This approach would set his biological clock in such a way that he would automatically feel sleepy when bedtime is near.

  1. Make him aware of sleep cues:

Some parents have a habit of singing their baby to sleep while others try the bathing and feeding approach to initiate sleep. All such cues help the baby know that it’s nighttime and he will anticipate being placed in a bassinet.

  1. Encourage him to sleep himself:

Instead of rocking your baby to sleep in your lap, you should place him in the bassinet when he’s awake. Let him get used to his sleep surroundings so that he doesn’t ends up crying in the middle of the night when he wakes up in an unfamiliar place. This will also teach him that he is supposed to settle on his own when it comes to sleep.

How to get baby to sleep in a bassinet

How to get baby to sleep in a bassinet?

Step 2: Comfort the baby

Some babies just get cranky because they’re longing for their mother’s love. Comforting your baby to sleep enhances bonding and helps the kid sleep in peace.

  1. Swaddle:

Babies love to sleep in a squished environment and swaddling them tightly in a receiving blanket can do wonders. It limits the startle reflex and prevents the baby from waking up in the middle of the night.

  1. Sing a lullaby:

Most babies are quite receptive to auditory stimuli and feel comforted it there’s continuous background music. You can sing a lullaby to get them to sleep and then white noise can be produced by sound machines to trick them in sleep that someone is still nearby. 

  1. Rock him back and forth:

Gently rocking the baby back and forth or patting his back provides immense comfort to the baby. It also increases mother-baby bonding and soothes the mood of the baby.

  1. Maintain skin contact:

Babies love it when they’re in physical contact with their parents. In fact it is an essential part of parenting because it strengthens the emotional state of the baby. Furthermore, maintaining skin contact will also give you an idea if your newborn is warm or cold so you can dress him likewise.

  1. Feed the baby:

Newborns have exceptionally fast metabolism considering the growth phase that they’re experiencing. Their irritating behavior might just be because of hunger. Make it a common practice to feed your baby before bed and continue midnight feedings as well to soothe him to sleep. Burping is a necessary component of feeding so that excessive gas doesn’t keep him fussy all night.

  1. Check the diaper:

A wet diaper might be the only reason of your child’s continuous nagging. Changing the diaper every night before sleep ensures a peaceful slumber.

How to get baby to sleep in a bassinet

How to get baby to sleep in a bassinet?

Step 3: Create the ideal sleep situation

Altering the environment of the nursery can help a great deal in ensuring sound sleep.

  1. Keep the lights dim:

Dimming the lights a few minutes before bedtime promotes the release of a hormone named melatonin. This hormone tricks the brain into believing that it’s nighttime and your baby would automatically feel drowsy. A night lamp or bedside light can be switched on so you can check on your baby at intervals.

  1. Regulate the room temperature:

Maintaining the room temperature to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit creates an ideal sleeping situation for newborns. A thermostat might be used to do this job but excessive use of radiators and air conditioners is not recommended.

  1. Use a mobile:

Give your newborn something interesting before he drifts off to bed. Attach a mobile on top of the bassinet so your newborn can enjoy soft music or rhymes before he dozes off. However, all such gadgets should be kept out of the newborn’s reach.

  1. Add a fragrance:

Adding a few drops of lavender or chamomile oil in the bassinet mattress would make the sleeping place smell fresh. Such soothing scent would definitely help your newborn attain deep sleep. Some other choices of essential oil include geranium, patchouli, rose and sandalwood.

How to get baby to sleep in a bassinet

How to get baby to sleep in a bassinet?

Step 4: Safety comes first

The safety of the newborn should be considered a priority in all instances.

  1. Buy the right bassinet:

Choose a product for your child that is according to the latest safety guidelines and has not been recalled. Our post on the Best Bassinet 2018 may assist you with that.

  1. Assemble properly:

Read the instructions manual and assemble every piece according to the instruction. None of the parts should be left lose and sturdiness of the bassinet should be ensured before placing the baby in it.

  1. Keep it bare:

Bassinet should be kept free of stuffed animals, blankets and pillows. They’re a big choking and strangulation hazard and eventually compromise the safety of the newborn.

How to get baby to sleep in a bassinet

How to get baby to sleep in a bassinet?


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