What is a Toddler Bed? All You Need to Know! A Complete Guide

All You Need to Know About Toddler Beds

What is a Toddler Bed

What is a Toddler Bed

There comes a stage in every parent’s life when they’re forced to abandon the crib and move their child to a toddler bed. This transition can be quite overwhelming if you’ve not done your research about the entire process. Here is a compilation of all the pointers that you must know beforehand to make this significant milestone easy for both you and your kid.

What is a Toddler Bed?

Once your kid is big enough to not sleep in a crib anymore. The next option you have is to get him a toddler bed. A toddler bed is technically the same size as a standard crib but does not have the high barred walls. To ensure the child’s safety, many toddler beds are equipped with safety rails to prevent inadvertent falls during sleep. To sum it all up, a toddler bed lies somewhere between a crib and a twin sized bed. It’s an ideal sleeping place for children between two to five years of age.

What is a Toddler Bed

What is a Toddler Bed

Why Switch to a Bigger Sleeping Place?

Cribs are an ideal sleeping place for babies until fifteen months of age. Eventually, they grow out of their cribs and demand a bigger place where they can stretch and roll in sleep. A more significant reason to make this transition is to ensure your kid’s safety. Kids might develop a habit of climbing up the crib rails and may end up injuring themselves. Hence, it is important to properly time out everything and makes the transition once your kid is ready.

The Wide Range of Choices

Like every product sold in the market, manufacturers of toddler beds are keen enough to launch hundreds of designs to suit the demands of every individual. Speaking of the materials, the four majorly opted choices are plastic, metal, solid wood and upholstered. Then there are beds which are equipped with safety rails while others have free edges. It’s good to buy a low-set bed so that it’s close to the ground and poses less threat of fall injuries.

Besides, it should have a sturdy construction and a proper instruction manual to help you in assembling the pieces. Cutouts, protrusions, and other fancy designs are good to avoid because you want your kid’s furniture to be simple and safe rather than flashy and risky.

Taking Special Care of the Safety Guidelines

Buying products that meet the latest guidelines are a peace of mind for the parents and safe to use by the toddlers. While most products available in the market today are safe enough to be used. There are special measures that you can take to reinforce the safety protocol.

Conversion rails are sold separately that can be fitted on the edges of the bed such that they form a barrier between the bed and the floor below. They’re quite inexpensive when bought separately or as a part of the conversion kit yet its advantages are multiple folds. As your baby moves from the confined environment of a crib to the freedom of his own bed. These rails would work big time to protect him from injuries and hazards.

Choosing the Perfect Mattress

As much as safety is important, the comfort of the child should not be neglected in any case. A firm and cozy mattress is what your child needs to experience a peaceful slumber. While many parents choose to use the old crib mattress on the new toddler bed, you always have the liberty to buy a new one for your kid.

When purchasing a mattress, make sure that it fits well along the edges and complies with the safety standards put forward by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. With a wide variety of options available in the market. Choosing the perfect one for your kid’s bed is no piece of cake. The best approach would be to bring your child along and let him choose from latex, memory foam, organic and spring mattresses.

Accessorizing the Bedding

Your shopping does not end after a bed and mattress. It’s good to buy mattress pads. It’s a thin layer of coverage that provides cushioning and makes the bed softer and cozier. By providing extra back support, mattress pads have become a bestselling item in the past decade. It’s also cost-effective because it extends the durability of the mattress. Mattress protectors can also be bought if you’re super conscious of your kid wetting or soiling his diaper in the middle of the night and leaving big stains on the mattress.

For this purpose, vinyl covers would be your best bet as they offer an impermeable barrier between the baby and the bed sheet. Bed sheets are a mandatory purchase and should be made up of light, breathable fabric with a thread count between 200 and 800. The style and color totally depend on your kid’s evolving taste in aesthetics.

Other accessories like pillows, blankets, and comforters are not suitable for toddlers as they come in the way of a positive sleep experience and even pose suffocation hazards. To cut down the entire hassle, you can even look out for complete toddler bedding sets.

Cost Analysis

Budgeting is important before you embark on the journey to buy nursery furniture. A standard toddler bed costs somewhere between 60 USD to 400 USD depending on the design and quality of the bed. Conversion sets, when bought separately, cost around 70 USD to 100 USD. To narrow down your expenses, you can buy cribs that convert to best toddler beds They would be more economical and your one-time expense would be around 200 USD.

Involve Your Toddler in the Process

A transition from a crib to a toddler bed can be made quite acceptable to the kid if he’s involved in steering the whole process. He would look forward to the transition if his new bed is chosen as per his interests. He can go shopping with you and choose the bed sheet that pertains to his favorite cartoon character. Maybe he can buy himself a race car shaped toddler bed. This enthusiasm would make him comfortable with the whole change. He would be able to sleep better in the new place.


What is a Toddler Bed

What is a Toddler Bed

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