Best Time To Convert a Crib into a Toddler Bed? [Complete Guide]

Best Time To Convert a Crib into a Toddler Bed?

It’s quite normal for first time parents to worry about little things and question everything related to their baby’s comfort. From choosing the perfect nursery furniture to making sure that every baby utensil is sterilized, parents are on a constant beck and call to make sure that their newborn is brought up in a perfect environment. However, the hassle does not end even when your baby is past the infant stage. So, when is the best time to convert a crib into a toddler bed? 

When is the best time to convert a crib into a toddler bed?


Toddler group is an equal challenge to look after and raises a lot of confusion in the minds’ of parents. One such query that is always the bottom line of every argument is to decide on when is the best time to convert a crib into a toddler bed.

The transition phase: Crib to a toddler bed

There’s no hard and fast rule as to when a baby should start sleeping on a toddler bed instead of a crib. In fact, the time period varies in every family. However, it’s a common observation that most parents prefer making this change once their baby is between three to four years of age.

It’ important to bring to light that a baby is quite conscious about his surroundings especially his sleeping place. A transition from crib to a toddler bed can be quite uncomfortable for some babies. This is because they’re used to sleeping within four boundaries of their crib and once you shift them to a bed, they finally find themselves in a completely different environment which might be hard for them to adjust. Some naughty kids might even find this newfound freedom quite exhilarating and would attempt to leave their bed to wander around as soon as you’re asleep.

It’s a universal recommendation that you do not force your kid into a toddler bed unless you feel that he’s actually comfortable in his new place. You can also try to make the transition a slow and gradual process. For instance, you may remove the high barred boundaries of the crib for a while and let your child sleep in the same place that he has in the initial years of his life. Once your baby is comfortable sleeping without crib rails, you can then try shifting him to a toddler bed. In quite a few cases, you’d realize that your kid is growing out of the crib before age. You’d notice him climbing out at nighttime and making his way to your bedroom. This is when you should immediately consider using a toddler bed because these climbing tactics might as well cost your child’s safety.

Choosing the best option for your child

If your child is too eager to get rid of his crib, you may opt for a toddler bed for the transition process. A toddler bed is a small single bed that can make use of the same mattress that was used in the crib. This would give your child a feeling of familiarity and he would end up feeling cozy and comfortable.

However, if your child has crossed five years of age, it is unnecessary to buy a toddler bed for him. He’d eventually grow out of it and would let your money go down the drain. In such a case, you can get your kid a twin-sized bed. This would even give you an opportunity to cuddle with your kid once in a while. If you’re still confused about when is the best time to convert a crib into a toddler bed then keep on reading.

Selecting a toddler bed

You can either get your hands on a simple toddler bed that’s just the mini-version of a twin bed or an actual twin bed with safety rails fitted. To make the idea more interesting, you may choose a race car shaped bed for your little one. Make your decision by taking into account your budget, nursery size, child’s temperament and design sensibility.

Whatever design you choose for your kid, make sure that the bed meets all the current safety guidelines. It should be sturdy enough to bear the toddler jumping and bouncing. A low-set bed would be a good option because it would decrease the risk of fall injuries and the kid would feel safer getting in and out by himself. The bed should be simple in design with no ornamentation and protrusions to protect your child from bumping their head or injuring their fingers. It should be equipped with safety side rails and the mattress should snug tightly so there’s little space between the mattress and edge of the bed. A soft rug or bean bag around the bed would do wonders in cushioning inadvertent falls. Lastly, place the bed such that there are no windows, radiators, oil lamps or blind cords nearby.

If you require assistance on selecting a toddler bed, then you can have a look at our post on the Best Toddler Beds 2018-2019 Reviews

Tips to make the transition easy

You obviously don’t have to read any manual to make the transition but a few tips might be helpful.

  1. Safety of the child should always be the first concern. Before you switch your kid to his bed, take out some time to toddler-proof his room and invest in some safety bed rails.
  1. Some toddlers are quite strict about their routine. They might not like this abrupt change and thus it’s only fair to explain them in detail the whole process. You may convince them by highlighting the pros of this change.
  1. Make this change a fun experience for your kid. Take him out shopping, buy him his favorite bed sheet and comforter and fill his bed with his favorite stuffed animals. This would make him feel welcomed in his renovated room.
  1. You might experience some midnight exhaustion because your kid’s newfound freedom would definitely urge him to get out of bed and wander around. If any such thing happens, tackle it peacefully and never show a negative reaction towards your kid.
  1. Prepare yourself for some tantrums and be firm and consistent in your decision. This change might not be acceptable to your kid overnight. But he’ll eventually get used to it after a few rough nights.

When is the best time to convert a crib into a toddler bed?           



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