When To Transition From Toddler Bed to Twin Bed?

Your little one would not last in the toddler bed forever. As he grows past five or six years of age. His increasing height would no longer allow him to straighten himself in a toddler bed. The process of When to Transition from Toddler Bed to Twin Bed is not easy considering that a child gets quite attached to his sleeping place.

When to Transition from Toddler Bed to Twin Bed

What’s a Twin Bed?

A twin bed can be regarded as an upgraded toddler bed. Its dimensions are bigger than the latter and it is suitable for kids in their late childhood and adolescent period. Preferably from five to twelve years of age. With no safety rails to guard the edges. Such beds are designed for kids who are past the rolling and stretching phase and no longer have the risk of falling inadvertently in sleep.

Deciding the Perfect Time for Transition

Scientifically speaking, there is no ideal time for transitioning a kid from a toddler to a twin bed. It is completely a matter of choice, convenience, and the kid’s desire. However, if we speak on practical grounds, a few factors might account for the timing of the transition.

  1. Age:

The age of your kid is a huge determinant of him owning a twin bed. A twin bed can be used by any kid older than five or six years of age. Once you’ve invested in a twin bed, it will last you until your child is ready to get into college.

  1. Mental Development:

Although your child may have crossed his age threshold, he might not be developmentally ready for a twin bed. It’s quite possible that he might still be used to sleeping within the protection of safety rails. For this reason, you should make sure if your child is mentally prepared for this transition.

  1. Logic:

Your own convenience and budget would decide if you’re ready for this big change. A twin bed may require an investment of up to 100 USD and if you’ve not saved it before, it’s absolutely okay to delay the decision for a few months.

Buying Guide for a Twin Bed

Choosing a twin bed is not a simple choice these days when you’ve got hundreds of designs in the market. You’ve got two options when you’re out shopping. Either get the bed frame with headboard and footer or buy a completely designed twin bed with a dresser for additional storage space. Obviously, the cost of the unit would depend on your choice of quality and design.

The material of the bed can range from wood to metal and the color should complement the entire décor of the nursery. Some twin beds have additional features like storage drawers or a bookcase headboard to create your own mini library. You can even get the design customized as per your needs. The cost of a simple unit can range from 70 USD to 100 USD while that of extravagant ones can even exceed 200 USD.

Making the Transition Easy

The actual transition from one bed to another might be a little discomforting for the child given the fact that he might be quite attached to his former sleeping place. However, with the help of some expert opinions from pediatrician Justin Morgan. You can definitely help your kid achieve this milestone with ease and comfort.

  1. Look for Signs:

Start by noticing if your kid is giving off any signs that he’s no more comfortable with his toddler bed. He might not be comfortable sleeping with his legs hanging down the edge of the bed or maybe he can’t find enough space to roll on the toddler bed due to its narrowness. Above all, your decision should be guided by the kid’s safety rather than his personal desire to switch to an adult bed.

  1. Get your Kid Involved:

Imagining this change to be successful without your kid’s consent is absolutely fruitless. The kid should be involved in the entire transition process from beginning to end so that he’s well aware of the reasons behind this big change. You might be forced to face some emotional struggle at first but that is where your role as a parent kicks in. Console your kid by providing him utmost comfort and then patiently explaining him the pros of shifting to a bigger bed. In most of the households, kids themselves are eager enough to switch to anything that’s meant for adults. In such cases, convincing them would be no big deal.

  1. Limit the Change:

Keeping the bedding accessories and nursery environment same as before can help the kid forget about the change in his sleeping environment. Letting them use their old stuff might take their mind off of the impending change in their sleeping abode.

  1. Be Patient:

Give your kid a little time to get accustomed to this transition. He might feel uncomfortable and would desperately want to return to his old bed in the first few days but that’s absolutely fine. You can limit his twin bed for afternoon naps in the beginning and once he starts liking the new place. You can permanently shift him there for nighttime sleep as well.

When to Transition from Toddler Bed to Twin Bed

When to Transition from Toddler Bed to Twin Bed

Safety Guidelines for a Twin Bed

Though a five-year-old would not be afraid of falling down while asleep; you can install safety rails for your own peace of mind. Twin bed frames do not always have guard rails and you’ll have to buy them separately if you’re overprotective of your agile kid. The straps anchor the guardrails in place and provide a safe barrier between the kid and the floor. Once your kid is more accustomed to his new sleeping place. You can remove the guardrails to restore the aesthetics of the nursery.

The Final Word on the Matter

After investing in bassinets, cribs and toddler beds. A twin bed would probably be your last investment because this piece of furniture can be utilized until your kid is an adult. Thus it’s safe to say that you should spend wisely and get something that’s durable enough to last you a long time.


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